Actually, one of the most essential things any staff can do in order to improve their productivity and efficiency at work is to have their lunch break however, a lot of people take this very important period of time for granted and will either eat at their desk while still doing work or not eat lunch at all. As a matter of fact, this could be having a big effect on productivity, concentration and especially on health. 

It is not necessarily new that some of the appropriate foods will enhance the brain function however, being conscious to your sugar intake will absolutely help improve your productivity at work. Just as athletes and players affect their performances by eating the appropriate foods, productivity and concentration depends on the types of foods you eat and the time you eat them. In addition to that, your body is actually a machine which requires fuel and the primary fuel for your brain is the glucose or simple sugar (the end product of the broken-down yummy snacks

Most of the people know that a big meal at night time or dinner is not good and that breakfast, on the other hand, is the most significant meal. However, lunch is usually ignored and buy a little sandwich and eat it at the desk while multitasking. By not getting the appropriate lunch or skipping lunch at all, you starve your muscles and brain of the main nutrients required to function at maximum level. Antioxidants, hydration and glucose are very important to make sure maximum concentration as well as productivity. Lack of glucose and hydration as fuel means poor concentration, ultimately poor performance and irritability. 

Employers must allow their employees to have a lunch break and also, actively encourage them to take the lunch breaks being provided. According to the law in some places, every 4 hours of continuous work needs a thirty-minute break and it should be honored. However, employers must also aim to plan in advance and give healthy balanced snacks and meals in their cafeteria. Foods which help brain power include dark chocolate, blueberries and nuts (especially almonds).  

But equally, eating foods rich in sugar or fats will lead in a post-meal slump which cause sleepiness or sluggishness, that is the very last thing you would want your staff to feel. It is very essential to maintain hydration levels, eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals by adding more vegetables and foods to the diet and not take healthy fats and proteins for granted like nuts and avocados. Slow release foods like lower GI foods and whole grains will actually help keep up energy levels for a longer period of time. 

Staff usually eat lazily or snack mindlessly at their desk. The packet of popcorn in the drawer or the cake your colleague brought, for example, mean you might be snacking always on the wrong way. Providing access to nuts or fresh fruits to snack on is more likely to result a happy workforce. Your staff can even visit a bubble tea, near me from time to time if they want to unwind and take a break from their busy schedules.