The tree in your yard might be something very important to you. It might be something your parents planted and have grown with you since. It has helped you enjoy the swing when you were little and even up to now when you like to dwell on those memories. However, even if trees can be fascinatingly useful and pretty at the same time, it can sometimes get sick too, just like you, and when this happens, it can do more harm than good. Sure, you can try to trim the branches or even look for ways to revive what your parents has left you with but sometimes it needs to be removed because it might cause you harm. 

So, what are instances when you need to say goodbye to a good old tree? 

  1. Storm brought harm: If your confident that your tree is strong enough to handle anything, think again. When a storm is present, you have a roof to protect you and walls to cradle you in but your tree is alone fighting the wind by itself. Trees can age as you do and more even. If you have back and joint problems, guess what, your tree can have pain and injuries too. Old trees can have cracks and have damage branches, it can get weak and sometimes with these it can also harm you in the process. If ever you experience a storm in your location, think of your tree afterwards. Call a professional to check on your tree and if ever worse comes to worse, cut the tree off if trimming those branches will not suffice your safety. 
  1. Tree Danger: Trees are huge. They are heavy, tall, big and rough on the edges and for sure if your home or your car gets a tree being blown over it, it will surely get more damage than what you usually imagine. Some small branches blown over on top of your car, may cause some scratches however talking about a trunk can mean a very different approach on what damage that can be. If you have huge trees in your yard, you better think again how long that has been there, it might b=not be as sturdy as you think it was and can cost you your investments namely your car, your yard or your house and sometimes even you. You don’t want branches falling over you, you are not a cartoon character to survive that. 

These are things you need to consider if you have a tree near you. We love our environment especially with trees giving us a fresher air when we enjoy our coffee out the porch but sometimes time strikes and your tree gets old and it gives you better air yes but it can also pose some danger for you, your family and your investments. If ever you need help in taking care of an old tree, connect with the professionals now, Lake County tree professional will take care of that good old tree in your yard for you to keep you safe, especially on the net storm.